On the loom

cotton on the warping board

Just measured warp for Baby Wrap with "American Maid" Yarns naturally-colored American-grown - in pale greens and pale browns in addition to the traditional white. The color is a part of the fiber and therefore does not need dye to produce the colors. The cotton is grown in the southwestern U.S., and spun here in the United States. The cotton is produced by a consortium of growers that are using sustainable farming practices such as Integrated Pest Management, sensible water usage and low chemical input. We are trying to support US grown and spun cotton as much as we can these days.

Please note that the color in the naturally colored yarns darkens when exposed to warm, alkaline water. Just add a little baking soda to the warm wash water and watch the color deepen. These are the only colored yarns that actually get darker as you wash them.